Hydropowercube 8.5

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Lighting for Large Public Events and Construction Projects

Lighting for Large Public Events and Construction Projects The Hydropowercube has a vertical telescopic mast reaching a maximum height of 8.5 metres and the complete unit is secured via four, adjustable, stabilisers. The mast is hydraulically raised by a single lever and can be rotated through 340° ensuring that the light is targeted correctly.

Illumination is provided from four 1000w metal halide lamps and the power is generated by a super-silent 1500-rpm water-cooled diesel engine. There is a useful 9.0kVA of auxiliary power and the Hydropowercube has been safely wind tested up 80 Km/h. Four corner-lifting eyes have been included for swift dispatch and unloading.

The extra large 200-litre fuel tank means that the site will stay correctly illuminated for up to 32 hours without the need for refuelling.

The Hydropower cube is the perfect set when static, long running lighting, is needed on large construction projects and outside events.


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