Tower Lights

We are European leader in manufacturing Tower or Flooding Lights. We are able to develop independently all equipment, from researching every element, planning and building with the aid of the most up to date robotized and numerically controlled machinery.

Tower Lights heights vary from 5.5 up to 13 meters with auto or manual expansion, which are equipped with Perkins engines with power 6KVA up to 25KVA. Lights are from 400W up to 1500W with configurations of 2 up to 10 per set.

VT-1 9m

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Awarding Winning Powerful Site Lighting

The VT-1 is very quiet and ideally suited for use at outdoor events, yet burly enough to stand up to the harshness of modern construction sites. The transportation of the VT-1 is cost effective – its unique design means that a transport firm can deliver up to twelve sets on one standard 12m vehicle.



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The VT-4 is an 8-metre mobile lighting tower fitted with a vertical, manually operated mast, giving 340 degree rotation by hand.

The VT-4 is just right for building sites, ports, mining and in emergency situations, it is ideally suited for outside events, site lighting in construction and highway contracts, as well as for mines, car parks, industrial sites, airports, warehouses and pedestrian areas at public events. It is also ideal for providing proper illumination in civil protection situations.


Hydropowercube 8.5

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Lighting for Large Public Events and Construction Projects

Lighting for Large Public Events and Construction Projects The Hydropowercube has a vertical telescopic mast reaching a maximum height of 8.5 metres and the complete unit is secured via four, adjustable, stabilisers. The mast is hydraulically raised by a single lever and can be rotated through 340° ensuring that the light is targeted correctly.


Linktower 7m

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Unparalleled Linkable Lighting

The LinkTower is an individual lighting system that has little competition. Quite simply the LinkTower bears all the features and benefits of a standard tower floodlight but with the added benefit of being able to safely link together, resulting in a row of powerful lighting sets all from one power source – mains or generator. Illumination is from a 7m vertical, manually operated, stainless steel mast.


Hydromaxilight 8m

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Telescopic galvanized mast

The Hydromaxilight is a 8m height hydraulic tower with n. 4x1000w metal halide lamps

.It is a very compact structure, easy to move, and can be supplied by a generating set or a main. It is certified about wind stability up to 80 Km/h

The Hydromaxilight is ideal for construction sites and events.


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