Gas Turbine Systems


Gas turbine systems are environmentally friendly and distributed energy generation alternatives with a range of electrical outputs from 20 to 45 megawatts (electric) and thermal outputs of 28 to 60 megawatts. Those maximum outputs are sufficient to supply roughly 100,000 households with electricity and around 10,000 one-family-houses with heat. The fuels used for the MTU-designed installations are natural gas and diesel. The systems are generally used as combined heat and power (CHP) plants. That includes district heating provided by local utilities, power plants that produce steam to drive additional turbines, and peak-load power plants. In energy-intensive industrial plants as well, such as paper factories, gas turbine systems are capable of generating large quantities of electricity and heat.


Continuous Power – 50 Hz

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(60 Hz configurations available on request)

Generating Sets 50 Hz – TA-Luft

MTU Onsite Energy Type Gas System Type Electrical Power Emissions
GB 22500 V5C LM2500 22 500 13.BLMSCHV
GB 27000 V5C LM2500 STIG 27 000 13.BLMSCHV
GB 31200 V5C LM2500+ 31 200* 13.BLMSCHV
GB 45000 V5C LM6000 1) 45 000* 13.BLMSCHV

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